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Welcome to CHEN BING TAIJI ACADEMY POLAND - Cracow Chen Taijiquan school! In our school, we teach in accordance with the traditional Taijiquan transmission of Master Chen Bing's Chen family, practiced by generations of Masters for hundreds of years, in their native Chenjiagou, China.


The school is run by instructors who have been working in the Chen Taijiquan environment for many years, with many years of experience in teaching, conducting groups and seminars. With our activity and teaching, we want to join the development and promotion of Chen Taijiquan according to the traditional message, to care for the highest level of knowledge. Our instructors are constantly improving their qualifications by participating in Chen Bing Taiji Academy camps and seminars in China.


In our school, we offer contact with the living tradition of the Chen Taijiquan style according to the message of our Shifu Master Chen Bing. This art is intertwined with traditional Chinese medicine. It draws on thousands of years of experience and observations

and searching for the knowledge of human nature.


With full awareness and commitment, we try to convey the richness of the Chen style, which has always been and is the Chinese inner martial art, where practicing emphasizes working with Qi energy, correct body structure, movement, relaxation, peace, strength of spirit and mind. These are the unchanging basics. But taiji is cultivated by people and thanks to them this art is still developing, it is still alive and relevant. It is a balance of yin and yang, a harmony of tradition and modernity.

Taijiquan is the individual path of everyone who deals with it. Therefore, a special place in our teaching is occupied by an individual approach to each person, direct contact, careful, joint exploration of the possibilities offered by Chen's style. Common experience that this art is not only a method, a way to achieve a chosen goal, but also an end in itself, a daily joy to practice. We invite everyone who is close to the search for a balance between mind and body, between the changes taking place in each of us.


We invite you to trainings!

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