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I started my adventure with Taiji at the age of 17, although my fascination with martial arts dates back to my childhood. I still remember the neighborhood cinema and "The Dragon's Entrance" ... :)


I started my practice with the Yang style 24 and 108 movement forms, practicing with Jaromir Śniegowski. However, it was Chen's traditional style that caught my attention and delighted me as I learned about 38 movement form learning from Howard Choy. At that time, I also practiced Choy Lee Fut for several years at TKKF "Antena" with Piotr Ochniowski.


Studies and Taiji… I reconciled. MA in physical rehabilitation from AWF Kraków. I defended my thesis with honors "Qigong - Chinese, holistic therapeutic and preventive method. An attempt to evaluate the practical possibilities of application in Polish conditions". My postgraduate specialization in the correction of posture defects and the practice of taiji helped me to see more and more the therapeutic aspects of taiji.

At that time, I also completed the physical recreation instructor course with a specialization in kung fu.



From 1993 I was a member of the Polish - Chinese Wu Shu Association "Nan - Bei", where I studied with Zhang Feng Jun - a specialist in internal styles from the Kung Fu Wu Shu Institute in Beijing. While practicing the Chen Taiji style, I also learned the Wu and Sun Taiji styles as well as Baguazhang and Xingyiquan - other internal styles. I also got acquainted with the Yu Guang Qigong system.


In the years 1993-2000 I became a five-time Polish champion in traditional Tajiquan and with handguns.


In 1997 I started teaching Tajiquan and Qigong.

Around 2000, the traditional Chen "came" to me again, when the Masters started coming to Poland: Chen Xiaowang, Chen Jingjun, Jan Silberstorff, from whom I learned until 2013.

Starting from 2013, thanks to my friend Józef Golian (I am eternally grateful to him for that), I met Master Chen Bing at seminars in Banska Bystrzyca and Vienna.

The Master's personality, his way of teaching, seeing and practicing Taiji have penetrated deeply into my heart and beliefs. Going to China (in 2016), to Chen Bing Taiji Academy, located in the Chen ancestral village - Chenjiagou, was a great journey to the Source. Master Chen Bing agreed to include me among his close disciples, and it became a fact in 2018. I went to China again, to the Academy and took part in the Bai Shi Ceremony, deciding to teach the Chen Style according to the message of my now Shifu - Master Chen Bing.

I currently represent Master Chen Bing in Poland and our Chen Bing Taiji Academy Poland in 2019 with great success organized an international seminar with our Master in Krakow.

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